Custom Cloths & Cleaner

Highland Optisupply offers customizable lens cleaners, lens cleaning cloths, and lens cleaning kits.

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Eyeglass lens cleaner

Our non-toxic and biodegradable eyeglass lens cleaners come in a wide variety of sizes and are designed to effectively clean all types of eyeglass lenses, leaving them spotless and smudge-free.   

The lens cleaning solution has a propylene glycol base derived from plants and all ingredients in the solution are approved by the FDA. The eyeglass lens cleaner not only removes dirt, dust, and smudges, but also human oils from the eyeglass lenses and frames.   

We can customize the eyeglass lens labels for your practice! To order custom labels for your eyeglass lens cleaner, we will need a .pdf or .jpg file of your practice logo.   

Eyeglass lens cleaning cloths

If you are looking for high-quality cleaning cloths at an excellent price, Highland Optisupply has got you covered! Contact to request a sample.

We carry 6 x 7 microfiber cloths in a nice variety of colors. Our microfiber cloths are available in varying thicknesses, identifiable in our ordering system as GSM or grams per square meter. The most popular thickness options are 200 and 220. Keep in mind, the higher the GSM, the thicker the cloths. While thicker lens cleaning cloths absorb more, they also take longer to dry, which can lead to mildew and the buildup of bacteria.

To order custom lens cleaning cloths, we will need a .pdf or .jpg file of your practice logo. Our recommendation to customize your cleaning cloths is to order 1 color print with your practice logo and information.

Eyeglass lens cleaning kits

Non-toxic and biodegradable eyeglass lens cleaner and high-quality cleaning cloth kits, fully customizable with your logo.

How to Order Custom Imprinting

If it’s your first time placing an order for custom imprinting, simply email us and attach your logo and any other relevant information for the customization of your accessories.

There is a one-time setup fee of $49.95 for the custom cleaning cloths because we have a custom die made specifically for your company’s logo. The good news is, we only have it made once and you will be good to go unless you want or need to change your design.

Finishing Lab

The in-house finishing lab can accommodate your private pay and “lab of choice” orders.

Lab Supplies

Our goal is to be a “one-stop shop” for your in-house edging supplies and tools.

Stock Lenses

We carry frames from I-Deal Optics, Armor-X, and other top brands in the industry.

Office Dispensing Supplies

The highest quality products to keep your optical stocked for your patients.

Hand and Measuring Tools
Tweezer, plier, screwdrivers, replacement tips, assorted tools and more.
Dispensing Equipment

Pupilometers. Frame warmers and supplies. Hand Edgers. Ultrasonic cleaners. Auto-Lensometers.

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