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Our expert team has over 200 combined years of experience in our laboratory, and we are committed to providing the highest quality, fastest speed, and best price possible.

The in-house finishing lab at Highland Optisupply can accommodate your private pay and “lab of choice” orders. If you are tired of feeling like a number at a big lab, we would be delighted to provide you with the service you deserve! If your practice is in the mid-Michigan area, we provide a courier service which may be able to deliver directly to your practice. If your practice is not located in mid-Michigan, no problem! Let us ship your products directly to your practice or to your patients!

Eyeglass lenses

Specialty lenses

Eyeglass coatings

Prescription sunglasses

Photochromic lenses

Safety Packages

Lab Equipment & Expertise

Warranties & Policies

Eyeglass lenses

We offer a range of lens options to help you exceed your patients’ expectations.



Ultra-personalized PAL using a Camber™ variable aspheric blank, incorporating IOT’s Steady Plus Design and Digital Ray Path 2 (DRP2). Super atoric back surface algorithms eliminate swim and image stability is enhanced providing wide, clear, sharp vision in all postures. Rx position of wear compensation (POW) adds another dimension of comfort and ease of adaptation for your patient.



Optimized to maximize all viewing areas, this lens is adjusted for PD, seg height and frame dimensions. These lenses provide comfortable vision in all viewing areas minimizing off center astigmatism, non-compensated Rx.

Specialty lenses

We offer specialty and occupational lenses for near and intermediate vision, customized to meet your patients’ needs. Many of your patients spend hours in front of digital screens of various sizes and need lenses to accommodate the demands of their jobs and lifestyle.

SEEMORE task lenses

SEEMORE Endless Screen

Providing clear, continuous vision up to 4.5 feet, this lens is ideal for people who are in front of their computer and have near-vision needs for extended periods of time.

SEEMORE Endless Desktop

Providing clear, continuous vision up to 6.5 feet, this lens is ideal for people who work in an office and spend extended periods of time in front of their computer or completing near tasks.

SEEMORE Endless Room

Providing clear, continuous vision up to 13.5 feet, this lens is ideal for people who spend most of their days multi-tasking in an office environment.

SEEMORE Endless Workplace

This lens offers wide near and intermediate vision with a distance area at the top of the lens.

Anti-Glare Coatings


A super hydrophobic scratch resistant non glare coating with back side UV and a blue residual reflectance.  


Slight yellow base color with a blue reflectance.

Polarized Prescription Lenses

We offer the KBco polarized lenses for prescription sunglasses which reduce glare. KBco lenses are available in a range of colors and provide 100% UV protection and an E-SPF of 25.

Photochromic lenses

We provide a range of photochromic lens options, including the following:

SEEMORE Quick Changers EXTRA

Available in gray and brown lenses, this lens is darker at all temperatures.

SEEMORE Quick Changers II

These lenses block 100% of UVA and UVB rays and filter blue light, especially when activated outdoors as the sun is of course the largest source of blue light in our environment.

SEEMORE Changers 7

Quality lower cost lens option for price-sensitive patients who want a photochromic lens but do not want to pay for Transitions.


Patients enjoy the quality of the experience in Transitions lenses which automatically adjust to changing light conditions.  

Safety Packages

We offer four different safety packages

  • Single vision 
  • Lined bifocal 
  • Lined trifocal 
  • Progressive  

All safety packages include safety frame, lenses (SV, BF, TR, and PAL), polycarbonate factory SRC side shields, and a 1 year, 1x warranty on frame and lenses. Safety kits can be sent to you upon request, with a minimum of 2 jobs per month or 24 jobs per year for a free safety kit. A charge for the kit will be issued to cover costs if the 2 jobs per month or 24 jobs per year minimum is not met or the kit is not returned.

The frame kit includes a healthy mix of both men’s and women’s selections. Most of the frames come in multiple eye sizes and frame colors. If or when a frame is no longer available, we will contact you to pull the sample frame and we will send you a replacement. 

Anti-reflective, photochromatic, and tint coatings are optional upgrades. 

Lab Equipment & Expertise

We are proud to feature best-in-class equipment in our in-house finishing lab to ensure the highest level of quality.

XRT Lens Fabrication Device

At Highland Optisupply, every lens is processed through the XRT Lensmaker. At the core of the Lensmaker XRT’s automated precision shaping system is a polycrystalline diamond instrument, crafting lenses with up to eight microns precision without elliptical discrepancies.

More about XRT Lensmaker

This device shapes polycarbonate, high-index, and CR39 without needing adjustments or recalibration for each material type. The XRT Lensmaker ensures our operational efficiency and excellence, embodying our commitment to meeting your specific optical requirements.

Acuity Lens Surfacing System

Acuity Plus Lens Surfacing System generates exceptionally accurate lenses. Our team can select the best processing times and pressures based on the specified lens material: CR-39, polycarbonate, hi-index, or glass. This degree of precision is supported by a mechanical design that provides optimized fining and polishing orbits.

Triumph 3D Edger

The Triumph 3D Edger is an award-winning system which automatically maps the thickness and front and back curvatures of a lens in less than eight seconds.

HSE Modulo

The HSE Modulo fulfills all the criteria for accurate high-speed edging. Built on an extra solid machine base the double spindle edger features high rigidity to produce the smoothest surfaces. Perfectly centered tool holders guarantee more balance and accuracy during edging. Together these features form the ideal conditions for very precise edging even with highest rpm processes. Extremely efficient, the edger processes two lenses simultaneously and incorporates time saving parallel handling processes. While the fast-handling system unloads the finished job, the next job is transferred to the working chamber, minimizing non-productive time.

Warranties & Policies


All stock sales are net, including frames (no discount). Customer agrees to pay all court costs plus attorney’s fees of 15% of the then unpaid balance if this matter must be referred to an attorney for collection. Credit balance redeemable for merchandise only. 

Account Status 

All accounts must be kept current. Accounts with a balance in the 60-day column will be placed on cod. Accounts with a balance in the 90-day column will be placed on credit hold. Accounts with a balance in the 120-day column will be sent for collection.  

Accounts must be current to participate in all incentive programs, special pricing programs, etc. 

Order Cancellation 

If the lenses are produced and returned within 30 days of the shipping date, a 50% cancellation fee will apply to prescription orders. Orders for frames from direct-selling suppliers cannot be canceled once they have been dispatched. Direct sell frames are not eligible for exchanges. 

Lab Credit/Warranty Policy 

A customer account must be current to be eligible for any warranties. Highland Optisupply reserves the right to request any lens to be returned for evaluation. 

  • Warranties on discounted orders cannot exceed the value of net invoice. 
  • Credits/warranties may not exceed 10% of your currently monthly gross expenditure with Highland Optisupply. 
  • Warranty on Complimentary job is limited to manufacturing defect only. 
  • Credits/warranties will not apply if an account is non-active with Highland Optisupply.   
  • To receive credit, you must remake the job with Highland Optisupply.  
  • A time limit of 90 days will apply on all changes. 
  • No doctor changes or non-adapts on custom-made or out-sourced orders. 
  • No credit will be issued on edging errors. 
  • Frame changes void all warranties. 

Lenses-Only Orders / Patients’ Own Frames 

Lenses-only orders will be made based on the dimensions provided in the box or a circumference size given by the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform the lab of any deviations or provide a sample frame for accurate edging. Highland Optisupply is not liable for any damage to frames owned by the patients. 

Customer’s Own Lenses 

Customer assumes all responsibilities and breakage for services (lens re-edge, lens dye, or stripping of coatings) performed on customer’s own lenses (all materials and coatings included). 


Scratch coatings: 1-year 1-time replacement for the same frame and tint or the manufacturer’s published warranty, whichever is longer, under normal wear.  

TR2 scratch coating: 2-year 2-time remake (normal use as determined by Highland Optisupply). 

Groove rimless: Frames with a metal channel will not be warranted in plastic, mid-index, or 1.74 material. 

Drilled rimless: Drilled rimless Rx’s made in trivex or polycarbonate, 1.60, 1.66, 1.67, and 1.70 will be warranted for cracking or breaking for a period of 1-year 1-time (normal wear). Rx’s made in other materials will only be covered by the manufacturers’ scratch warranty (excluding cracking or breaking). No 1.74 Index. No mid-index. 

Non-Adapts and Changes 


For Progressives: Customers who do not adapt will receive a credit for the cost of the lenses and extras when purchasing a replacement lens with the same extras. 

Caber Performance – only A/R warranty is available. 

SV or Conventional Multifocal: Non-adapting customers will receive a credit of 50% of the lower invoice. 

Doctor Changes 

Fitting and prescription changes will be replaced once at no cost within 90 days, provided there is a valid warranty claim. Adjustments in tints, photochromic, material, bevel, edge treatment, or coating will receive a credit of 50% of the lower invoice within 90 days with a valid warranty claim. 

All changes must be requested within a 90-day timeframe. 

Telephone/Internet Errors 

All phone orders will be read back and accepted as being correct. Any error will be billed at 50%. Internet orders submitted will be accepted as correct. Any errors will be billed with a 25% discount. 

Anti-Reflective Coating 

Coating replacement life of Rx 2-year with original invoice (normal use as determined by Highland Optisupply – limit 2 times) for the following: Emerald UV and Royal UV.  

Frame Returns 

  • Frames will not be eligible for credit if returned 90 days after the purchase date. 
  • Discontinued frames from the manufacturer will not qualify for credit. 
  • Frame credits are contingent upon approval by the frame manufacturer, and Highland Optisupply will issue credit only after receiving it from the manufacturer. 
  • No credit will be provided for shop-worn frames or frames with inserted lenses. 
  • Frames bought from direct-sell manufacturers cannot be returned 


  • All warranties provided by frame manufacturers for defective materials will be upheld. 
  • All material orders are subject to a 30% restocking fee. 
  • Returns are only accepted within 45 days of the original purchase date. 
  • No refunds or returns are available for any customized items purchased. 
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