Lab Supplies

Our goal is to be a “one-stop shop” for your in-house edging supplies and tools.  

We offer quality products at a fair price.

We’re proud to offer a variety of supplies and equipment for your optical lab.

Free shipping for orders over $125.00
excludes finishing lab

Blocking Pads

BPI Tints

Ink Remover

Finishing Lab

The in-house finishing lab can accommodate your private pay and “lab of choice” orders.

Stock Lenses

Finished and unfinished stock lenses through SOMO and CV Optics. 

Office Dispensing Supplies

The highest quality products to keep your optical stocked for your patients.

Custom Cloths and Cleaners

We offer customizable lens cleaners, lens cleaning cloths, and lens cleaning kits.

Hand and Measuring Tools

Tweezer, plier, screwdrivers, replacement tips, assorted tools and more.

Dispensing Equipment

Pupilometers. Frame warmers and supplies. Hand Edgers. Ultrasonic cleaners. Auto-Lensometers.

Great Prices, Fast, and Top-Notch Customer Service

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