Highland Optisupply Policies


  • All stock sales are net, including frames (no discount).
  • Customer agrees to pay all court costs plus attorney’s fees of 15% of the then unpaid balance if this matter must be referred to an attorney for collection.
  • Credit balance redeemable for merchandise only.


Account Status:

  • All accounts must be kept current.
  • Accounts with a balance in the:
    • 60 Day column will be placed on cod.
    • 90 Day column will be placed on credit hold.
    • 120 Day column will be sent for collection.
  • Accounts must be current to participate in all incentive programs, special pricing programs, etc.


Order Cancellation:

  • If the lenses are produced and returned within 30 days of the shipping date, a 50% cancellation fee will apply to prescription orders.
  • Orders for frames from direct selling suppliers cannot be canceled once they have been dispatched.
  • Direct sell frames are not eligible for exchanges.


Lab Credit/Warranty Policy:

  • Customer account must be current to be eligible for any warranties.
  • Highland Optisupply reserves the right to request any lens to be returned for evaluation.
  • Warranties on discounted orders cannot exceed the value of net invoice.
  • Credits/warranties may not exceed 10% of your currently monthly gross expenditure with Highland Optisupply.
  • Warranty on Complimentary job is limited to manufacturing defect only.
  • Credits/warranties will not apply if an account is non-active with Highland Optisupply
  • In order to receive credit, you must remake the job with Highland Optisupply
  • A time limit of 90 days will apply on all changes.
  • No doctor changes or non-adapts on custom-made or out-sourced orders.
  • No credit will be issued on edging errors.
  • Frame changes void all warranties.


Lenses Only Orders / Patients’ Own Frames

  • Lenses-only orders will be made based on the dimensions provided in the box or a circumference size given by the customer. It is the customer’s responsibility to inform the lab of any deviations or provide a sample frame for accurate edging.
  • Highland Optisupply is not liable for any damage to frames owned by the patients.


Customer’s Own Lenses

  • Customer assumes all responsibilities and breakage for services (lens re-edge, lens dye, or stripping of coatings) performed on customer’s own lenses (all materials and coatings included).


  • Scratch coatings:
    • 1-year 1-time replacement for the same frame and tint or the manufacturer’s published warranty, whichever is longer, under normal wear.
  • TR2 scratch coating:
    • 2-year 2-time remake (normal use as determined by Highland Optisupply).
  • Groove rimless:
    • Frames with a metal channel will not be warranted in plastic, mid-index, or 1.74 material.
  • Drilled rimless:
    • Drilled rimless Rx’s made in trivex or polycarbonate, 1.60, 1.66, 1.67, and 1.70 will be warranted for cracking or breaking for a period of 1-year 1-time (normal wear). Rx’s made in other materials will only be covered by the manufacturers’ scratch warranty (excluding cracking or breaking). No 1.74 Index. No mid-index.

Non-Adapts and Changes:

  • For Progressives:
    • Customers who do not adapt will receive a credit for the cost of the lenses and extras when purchasing a replacement lens with the same extras.
    • Caber Performance – only A/R warranty is available.
  • SV or Conventional Multifocal:
    • Non-adapting customers will receive a credit of 50% of the lower invoice.
  • Doctor Changes:
    • Fitting and prescription changes will be replaced once at no cost within 90 days, provided there is a valid warranty claim.
    • Adjustments in tints, photochromic, material, bevel, edge treatment, or coating will receive a credit of 50% of the lower invoice within 90 days with a valid warranty claim.
    • All changes must be requested within a 90-day timeframe.


Telephone/Internet Errors:

  • All phone orders will be read back and accepted as being correct. Any error will be billed at 50%.
  • Internet orders submitted will be accepted as correct. Any errors will be billed with a 25% discount.


Anti-Reflective Coating:

  • Coating replacement life of Rx 2-year with original invoice (normal use as determined by Highland Optisupply – limit 2 times) for the following: Emerald UV and Royal UV


Frame Returns:

  • Frames will not be eligible for credit if returned 90 days after the purchase date.
  • Discontinued frames from the manufacturer will not qualify for credit.
  • Frame credits are contingent upon approval by the frame manufacturer, and Highland Optisupply will issue credit only after receiving it from the manufacturer.
  • No credit will be provided for shop-worn frames or frames with inserted lenses.
  • Frames bought from direct-sell manufacturers cannot be returned



  • All warranties provided by frame manufacturers for defective materials will be upheld.
  • All material orders are subject to a 30% restocking fee.
  • Returns are only accepted within 45 days of the original purchase date.
  • No refunds or returns are available for any customized items purchased.